AND you bring it up all the time too. You seem to love telling the story about that one time, at Words, when we did all of those silly things.

Seriously Silly

We all did some seriously silly things, it's true. Maybe worse. Remember when Erica flashed everyone headed to work? What about when Trevor did it? Who decided it was a good idea to put the hardcore cards in? Oh right, that was me. My bad.


Don't even try to tell me it's because you were drunk. You were totally sober by like 2am, or maybe 3am, but we kept playing until 5am!

Do Done Drink

If you missed it, now's your chance. Do Done Drink is the product of that one evening's events and the story you just read is 90% true. (Names were changed to protect the "innocent", yeah... that's the word I'll use) Do Done Drink is a socially focused, seriously silly, "drinking" game that will give you and your friends many, many stories to tell for years to come (especially if you play with the hard core expansion, just sayin').



When you draw a "Do" card, you do what it says. If you do then you score the points on the bottom of the card.

Easy, right? Fool!


When you draw a "Done" card, you tell a story, score points, yadda yadda.

Easy, right? Fool!


Everyone drinks! Easy, right?

(pffftt... yeah... easy... shuuure.)

Expansion Packs


If you're feeling particularly adventurous or bold, consider this expansion. It is aptly titled.

Whipcream Not Included

If you need a description for this pack you probably shouldn't even buy this game (because you need friends to play it)

For Couples Only

If you're looking to put a little spicy fun into your relationship, pick this one up. (100% gender neutral and orientation agnostic)


Please make sure you remove all these cards before you play with your coworkers, clients or new friends.


This is the ideal expansion if you're sitting around the campfire with friends (headlamps recommended for hands free play).

For Kids Only

We didn't say you had to drink alcohol, dumbass. Kids 10 and over can play too. The smart money's on them too.

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